• Some days I love my well worn 501’s along with my Levi leather jacket !
    There is nothing like the feeling of that soft well worn denim along with the ultra soft leather of the Red Tab leather jacket.
    Commando is great with PA.

  • Gary replied to the topic 70s Jeans in the forum Jeans Fetish Forum 1 year ago

    I remember button fly 501’s in the 60’s and 70’s.
    The zip fly, as I recall, was started to promote Levi’s on the east coast. Must be they didn’t think we could figure out the buttons.
    For years the genuine button fly 501’s were a western US item.

  • Gary replied to the topic This community in the forum Jeans Fetish Forum 1 year ago

    Hi Valent, good tonsee you here.
    Love your postings on the old Tumblr and Pinterest.

  • Gary replied to the topic Favorite jeans brand in the forum Jeans Fetish Forum 1 year ago

    I have always been a Levi’s 501 lover. I just bought two pairs of Stretch 502’s. Wow what a sexy feeling. The stretch is just enough snd the finish is deep indigo. The buttons are a little less shiny than regular 501’s so you can tell the difference.
    My only concern is that the newer Levi’s jeans and jackets seem to have two colors of thread…[Read more]

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